A short story by Alistair MacLeod

It is November 11. In the cool morning air David MacDonald stands outside his Cape Breton home, planning to attend his last Remembrance Day parade.

As he waits to be joined by two younger David MacDonalds he remembers the Second World War. He remembers the horrors of the battle at Ortona, in Italy, and what happened in Holland when the Canadians came as liberators. He remembers how the war devastated his own family, but gave him other reasons to live.

As the classic story unfolds, told in Alistair MacLeod’s deceptively simple style, other generations enter the scene. And we, aware of how many of the linked events go back to the mistakes of war, realise on Remembrance Day that “this time comes out of that time."


Commissioned in honour of the Festival’s 25th anniversary, we have printed just 600 copies of Remembrance in this beautifully designed chapbook.

All copies are now sold out!