Leonardo: The Man Behind the Genius

Ross KingWhat you don't know about Leonardo da Vinci that would make you love him even more

Or so goes the through line of Ross King's talk  with Kirk Lapointe (Event #12) about his book "Leonardo and the Last Supper", which King lavished with such details as Leonardo's favourite colours, his weapons of mass destruction, his genius, his late-life vegetarianism, his handsome legs, and of course one of his renaissance-era jokes about two friars and a business man that somehow manages to remain timeless with King's droll and erudite delivery.

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The Secret Lives of Parents

"All families lie."

This was one of the first statements at Event 11: The Secret Lives of Parents featuring Brian Fawcett, Priscila Uppal and Alison Wearing.  With those words from Fawcett, the entire audience breathed a sigh of relief. Because divine births notwithstanding, we are all in the same boat.

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