Gold Diggers: Charlotte Gray

Recorded at Studio 1398 on Thursday, October 21, 2010.

One of Canada’s leading biographers and historians tackles the Klondike Gold Rush in a new and refreshing way, following six colourful figures in a world gone mad for wealth. The six—a Jesuit priest, a female entrepreneur, legendary Mountie Sam Steele, struggling writer Jack London, as well as the London Times journalist Flora Shaw and a prospector—are only a few of the 100,000 afflicted with “Klondike-itis” who flocked to the Yukon from around the world to create a frontier town peopled by desperados, dance-hall girls, miners and churchmen. Charlotte Gray sits down with Kirk LaPointe for a spirited discussion of what is arguably the most storied boom-and-bust in Canadian history.

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Charlotte Gray, one of Canada’s pre-eminent biographers, has won many awards for her writing, most notably the prestigious Pierre Berton Award for a body of historical writing. She is currently the Chair of Canada’s National History Society. Her new book, Gold Diggers: Striking it Rich in the Klondike, tells the story of the legendary Yukon Gold Rush of 1896 through the lives of six extraordinary individuals and offers a colourful and entertaining journey into a world gone mad for wealth.