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All of the Festival venues are located on Granville Island. Set in the heart of Vancouver, Granville Island is Vancouver’s cultural hub. During the day, a visitor to the Island can explore arts and crafts galleries, watch artisans at work, shop for fresh food and delicacies at the public market, enjoy a specialty coffee or tea and absorb the Island atmosphere. Int the evening visitors can sample a variety of excellent restaurants and bars, spend the night at the Granville Island Hotel and start all over again in the morning. Consider coming to the Island by public transit or on one of the charming passenger ferries that cross False Creek.

The Vancouver Writers Fest turns reading into a community experience, bringing people together to share thoughts, explore ideas, and witness brilliant conversations.

For the past 25 years, the Writers Fest has enriched our imaginations and the culture of our city and has touched and inspired thousands of lives by creating a forum for authors to connect with readers and by offering a vibrant exchange of ideas and conversation.

The Festival is a celebration of story, told by authors, poets, spoken word performers, and graphic novelists. For six days in October, this celebration takes place in the cultural oasis of Granville Island, and continues throughout the year with the Incite reading series at the VPL, special events with leading writers and the Spreading the Word education programs at Lower Mainland schools and in small BC communities.

Through Spreading the Word, the Festival can reignite a teacher’s passion for teaching, mesmerize a teenager who rarely looks up from her phone or engage a child who is a reluctant reader. Festival events can encourage discussion and reflection, and connect old friends and introduce new ones.

Ideas create books, but people create the Festival. The Writers Fest brings people of all backgrounds together—writers, children, adults, staff and hundreds of volunteers—all of whom love to read. They also love what reading represents: the stirring of ideas, the sparks of recognition, and the realization that we are all connected.

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