Pure Poetry


Kevan Anthony Cameron, The Great Black North
Sarah de Leeuw, Geographies of a Lover
Stephen Collis, To the Barricades
Michael Crummey, Under the Keel
Mathew Henderson, The Lease
Ann Shin, The Family China

Curriculum Connections:

  • Language Arts: Poetry, Poetic Devices & Structure


  • Ask students to find and compile five poems that mean something to them for a personal anthology they will make. The anthology will include a written reflection by the student to introduce each poem. 
  • Get students to read poems aloud as often as possible and as many ways as possible: in pairs with a partner; divide a poem into logical halves and have one half of the room (or perhaps just the male voices) read every other stanza while the other half (or perhaps the female voices) read every other stanza; direct the class to alternate reading the lines of a poem with all voices joining together on lines that are repeated throughout the poem. Like a maestro, conduct your students in choral readings of poems. Students need to hear and feel the rhythm of poetry as it is read out loud.