78 Helen Humphreys in Conversation with Kathryn Gretsinger

Helen Humphreys Ontario

Helen Humphreys is an award- winning author of five acclaimed novels. Her last novel, Coventry, was a finalist for the Trillium Book Award, a New York Times Editors’ Choice and a Globe and Mail Best Book of the Year. In 2009, Humphreys was awarded the Harbourfront Festival Prize for Literary Excellence. Her new book, Nocturne, is a candid and intimate memoir about the death of her brother. Read more

Host: Kathryn Gretsinger
Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 1:30pm
Studio 1398

After the death of her brother Martin in 2009, the prolific and much-lauded Canadian author Helen Humphreys tried to write, but couldn’t. “I had nothing to say, no story to tell.” Finally, Martin came to her in a dream and asked her what had happened since he’d died. Out of this question came Nocturne, her most recent book, which she wrote as a long letter. Unlike with her novels, most of which are deeply researched, there was no planning for Nocturne. “It was all done by instinct,” says Humphreys. Initially she didn’t plan on publishing it, but gradually she came to realize that her story might help others. Join Humphreys this morning for a wide-ranging discussion on the writing process, writing out of grief and what the celebrated author is working on now.

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