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British Columbia
British Columbia
British Columbia
Kevan Anthony Cameron British Columbia

Kevan Anthony Cameron, also known as Scruffmouth, is a writer, spoken word poet, performer and proud co-editor of The Great Black North. He is a veteran of the poetry slam scene in North America and aims to “edutain” with his work. Cameron was born in Edmonton, Alberta, to Jamaican parents; he now lives in Burnaby. Read more

Stephen Collis British Columbia

Stephen Collis is an award-winning poet, activist and professor of contemporary literature at Simon Fraser University. His books include Anarchive, The Commons, On the Material (awarded the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize), To the Barricades and the forthcoming novel The Red Album. A Jack and Doris Shadbolt Fellow at Simon Fraser University in 2011/12, Collis has read and lectured across Canada, the United States and Europe. Read more

Michael Crummey Newfoundland

Michael Crummey is the author of four books of poems, a book of stories and three novels, most recently, Galore, shortlisted for the 2011 IMPAC Award. His latest book, Under the Keel, is his first collection of poetry in a decade. He lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Read more

Sarah de Leeuw British Columbia

Sarah de Leeuw is an assistant professor with the Northern Medical Program at UNBC. Her first book was Unmarked, and her second, Geographies of a Lover, won the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize. For two consecutive years, she was honoured in the creative non- fiction category of the CBC Literary Awards. Read more

Mathew Henderson Ontario

Mathew Henderson is a recent graduate of the University of Guelph’s MFA program. Originally from Prince Edward Island, he now lives in Toronto, writes about the prairies and teaches at Humber College. His debut collection of poetry, based on his experiences working in the Alberta and Saskatchewan oilfields, is called The Lease. @Hendersoname Read more

Ann Shin Ontario

Ann Shin is an award-winning filmmaker, new media producer and former radio producer. Her first book of poetry, The Last Thing Standing, was published by Mansfield Press in 2002, and her new collection is The Family China. She is currently at work on a novel. @annshin Read more

Host: Brad Cran
Friday, October 25, 2013 - 10:00am - 11:30am
Waterfront Theatre
$17 / $8.50 for school groups

Join six of Canada’s poets this afternoon and be amazed as they render lyrical everything from the trajectory of a sexually charged affair to the gritty world of hard labour on the Alberta oil fields. Kevan Anthony Cameron, aka Scruffmouth, veteran of the North American poetry slam scene, joins Sarah de Leeuw and Stephen Collis, both recipients of the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize. Michael Crummey’s Under the Keel is his first poetry collection in a decade. Mathew Henderson’s hard-hitting debut The Lease has garnered ecstatic reviews, and filmmaker Ann Shin pushes poetry into new territory with The Family China. This is a celebration of poetry that is fresh and startling— and doesn’t waste a word.

Tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

Warning: Content in this event may not be suitable for all classes.

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Pure Poetry


Kevan Anthony Cameron, The Great Black North
Sarah de Leeuw, Geographies of a Lover
Stephen Collis, To the Barricades
Michael Crummey, Under the Keel
Mathew Henderson, The Lease
Ann Shin, The Family China

Curriculum Connections:

  • Language Arts: Poetry, Poetic Devices & Structure


  • Ask students to find and compile five poems that mean something to them for a personal anthology they will make. The anthology will include a written reflection by the student to introduce each poem. 
  • Get students to read poems aloud as often as possible and as many ways as possible: in pairs with a partner; divide a poem into logical halves and have one half of the room (or perhaps just the male voices) read every other stanza while the other half (or perhaps the female voices) read every other stanza; direct the class to alternate reading the lines of a poem with all voices joining together on lines that are repeated throughout the poem. Like a maestro, conduct your students in choral readings of poems. Students need to hear and feel the rhythm of poetry as it is read out loud.