35 Sworn to Secrecy

British Columbia
Meg Tilly British Columbia

Meg Tilly is the author of three novels for young adults: Porcupine, First Time and, most recently, A Taste of Heaven, as well as two novels for adults: Gemma and Singing Songs. Tilly is also an award-winning actor. She appeared in The Big Chill, among other films, and recently starred on Global TV’s Bomb Girls. @meggamonstah Read more

Eric Walters Ontario

Eric Walters’ young adult novels have won numerous awards, including the Silver Birch, Blue Heron, Red Maple, Snow Willow and Ruth Schwartz Awards, and have received honours from UNESCO’s international award for literature in the service of tolerance. His most recent books are Power Play, My Name is Blessing and Tagged. @EricRWalters Read more

Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Performance Works
$17 / $8.50 for school groups

In Tagged, veteran author Eric Walters creates a fast-paced mystery about who might be spray painting graffiti murals around town. Is it art or vandalism? And could the guerrilla artist be a close friend? In Meg Tilly’s novel A Taste of Heaven, secrets threaten to ruin a friendship. Why won’t Alyssa talk about her family? Why has she never invited her best friend over? And how big is the price of celebrity? Tilly, herself an award-winning actress who famously turned her back on Hollywood, is well-acquainted with the cost of fame and secrecy. But it’s no secret that Walters and Tilly are masters at weaving great stories loaded with believable characters—and keeping audiences well entertained.

Tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

Suitable for grades 6–8

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