24 Freedom Lost, Purpose Found

Amanda Lindhout Alberta


Amanda Lindhout is the founder of the Global Enrichment Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports and education initiatives development, aid in Somalia and Kenya. Her dramatic memoir A House in the Sky tells of her journey from rural Canada to imperiled and dangerous countries on every continent and of 15 months of harrowing captivity in Somalia. @AmandaLindhout Read more

Host: Denise Ryan
Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 8:00pm
Waterfront Theatre

In 2008, Amanda Lindhout was reporting on the fighting in Somalia when she was abducted by soldiers. She survived an unfathomable 460 days in captivity, an ordeal recounted in her memoir A House in the Sky. Perhaps even more unfathomable, however, is Lindhout’s attitude toward her captors, 14- to 18-year-old orphan soldiers. At her weakest moment in captivity, Lindhout says, she was given “a flash of a hidden truth.” No matter what happened to her she could still choose her response; it was the only thing over which she had any control. Following her ransomed release, Lindhout established the Global Enrichment Foundation, a charity to help improve the lives of Somali women. “This work is my life,” Lindhout says. “The country where I lost my freedom is also the place where I have found my life’s purpose.”

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