Meet the 2009 Festival Bloggers

Be sure to check the Festival Blog all week during the festival and add your own comments.

Anne CasselmanAnne Casselman is a Vancouver-based writer. On the heels of getting her masters in science communication at Imperial College, London, she interned at Discover magazine in New York in 2005 where she reveled in science geekery and swilled much coffee. Before long, she returned to her hometown of Vancouver where she has since stayed put. Her writing has appeared in Scientific American online, National Geographic News, Vancouver magazine, Canadian Geographic and Chatelaine.

Anu SahotaAnu Sahota is a longtime volunteer at the Pacific Cinémathèque and, until recently, worked at the CBC. She was raised in Victoria, B.C., where she once traded a Murchies tea bag for a copy of The Incomparable Atuk. Anu is currently researching a history of telephone switchboard operators.

Lachlan MurrayLachlan Murray works as a technical writer for a local software company. He also writes fiction, and did degrees in English and Creative Writing at UBC and the University of Illinois. He’s lived in various parts of Canada, and has worked as a police and fire dispatcher, a bartender, a house builder, a PNE security guard, and during one memorable, muddy Easter on southern Vancouver Island, a daffodil picker. He lives with his wife in East Vancouver.

Lalo EspejoLalo Espejo is a writer, monologist and political satirist whose work has appeared on CBC radio, campuses across Canada, and most recently as a regular contributor to the Vancouver Review. His blog, featuring rants and politics with improvised jazz piano by Patrick Pennefather, can be found at

Laura ThorneLaura Thorne has been writing (and reading) since she could hold a pencil. She has been published three times in Wordscapes, and she wrote for and designed Fumbled Words We Know by Heart, both youth anthologies. She is also the feature writer for Fortyfour magazine, for which she also photographs and designs; and her poetry has been published in Rain magazine. In the past she has worked as a photographer for both Cirque du Soleil and the Vancouver Aquarium, and she once danced with the Moscow Ballet. Laura is currently in Grade 11.

Nikki ReimerNikki Reimer is a writer and blogger, a member of the Kootenay School of Writing and a board member of  W2 Community Media Arts.  Her poetry has been published in various journals, and her first book is forthcoming from Frontenac House in 2010. She also has a feline photography project that appears weekly on Visit for more writings and rantings. 

Steven BrownSteven Brown survived nearly twenty years of bookselling, his perhaps fatal longing for literature miraculously intact. In the midst of a high-risk recareering gambit he recently indulged a truly terrifying ambition - stand-up comedy. Literature remains his first love. He has published reviews locally and nationally. His current project is "(Be) Wilderness", a novel of contemporary life.