Saturday, October 24 - Event

The Road Maps of Life

Debra Adelaide
Gayle Friesen
Karen McLaughlin
Daria Salamon
Host: Shaena Lambert
2 – 3:30 pm
Waterfront Theatre

There is no road map for the journey of self-discovery. But novels often show us how others make the trek. Four authors, whose protagonists take journeys real and metaphorical to find truths about themselves and their pasts, talk about why these important journeys are such fertile soil for plot and character. These are characters who, each in her own way, revisit their pasts to plot a course for the future, even if the future, as in Debra Adelaide’s novel, is imminent death. This is sure to be a discussion illuminating for anyone—male or female—who is seeking answers to life’s big questions, “Who am I?” and “How did I get to be who I am?”

Advance ticket sales have now ended for this event. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door one hour before the event starts.