La Joie de Lire

La Joie de Lire (the joy of reading) is both the title and the purpose of the programs in French at the Vancouver International Writers Festival. La Joie de Lire primarily presents events for school students, with one additional event for adult readers.

This year, two authors participating in La Joie de Lire-Évelyne Daigle (from Québec) and Faïza Guène (from France)-will also participate in English events.  Sylvain Meunier and Michel Noël, both from Québec, complete this year's line-up. We are offering a non-fiction event for the first time, thanks to Évelyne Daigle's work as a biologist and her books about penguins, whales and seals.

We're delighted to present a soirée rencontre with Faïza Guène in the evening event for adult readers.  Guène's first book Kiffe kiffe demain, published before she was 20, is a runaway bestseller with translation into 22 languages.   Her second book Du rêve pour les oufs was published last year.