Thursday, October 18 - Event


The Purpose of Fiction

Liam Durcan
William Gibson
*Claire Keegan
A.L. Kennedy
Alessandro Piperno
*Richard B. Wright
Moderator: Kirk LaPointe
8:00 PM
Waterfront Theatre
$15 + $.50 facility surcharge
This event is sold out.

*The programming details of this event have changed since the Festival Program was printed:
We regret that Richard B. Wright will not be appearing at this event.
We are pleased to announce that Claire Keegan will now be appearing at this event.

Does fiction have a purpose beyond entertainment? Should it tackle the bigger moral and political issues? And if it does, how does a writer walk the tightrope between story and message? Spend an evening with five thoughtful, articulate and brilliant authors from vastly different national backgrounds and experiences. Not only have they faced these questions before putting words on paper, they have also successfully balanced personal belief and strong political and moral stances with the imaginative art of fiction.