Wednesday, October 17


The Cynthia Woodward Young Readers Legacy

It's a Jungle Out There


David Jones
Carrie Mac
Moderator: Alma Lee
10–11:30 AM
Granville Island Stage
$12 + $2 facility surcharge / $6 for student groups

Two BC authors have created dark, imaginary worlds that challenge their characters to survive in the face of the unexpected. David Jones puts a 14-year-old boy in the body of a baboon, and in the midst of a baboon troop, and makes him face the question of what it means to be human. Carrie Mac's hero, a Droughtlander, encounters adventure after adventure with an army of street boys, in times of war, rebellion and retribution, in a land of fantasy that just might be recognizable after all.

Suitable for grades 8 to 10  *Study Guide


Fleur 6

Aventures vraies ou fausses


Sylvain Meunier
Michel Noël
Animatrice : Lyne Barnabé
10 h à 11 h 30
Revue Theatre
12 $ + 1.50 $ facility surcharge / 6 $ for student groups
This event is sold out.

Il est vrai que Michel Noël a survécu à un ou trois écrasements d'avion; il est peut-être vrai que Sylvain Meunier est venu en aide à un garçon qui, en raison de la maladie, était incapable de quitter sa maison ou qui a tenté, avec ses amis, de retrouver une bicyclette volée. Est-ce important de savoir si cela est vraiment arrivé aux auteurs ou non? Ce qui importe, c'est que leurs livres racontent des aventures excitantes qui demandent du courage, de la curiosité, de l'intelligence et de l'imagination.

Pour les élèves de la 4e à la 7e année  *Guide d'étude

Cet événement se tiendra exclusivement en français. Il y aura beaucoup de possibilités d'interaction entre les élèves et les auteurs.



Imaginary Greats, Great Imaginations


Kit Pearson
Edeet Ravel
Moderator: Brenda Berck
10–11:30 AM
Performance Works
$12 + $.50 facility surcharge / $6 for student groups

Funny things happen when it's hard to tell the difference between imagination and delusion. Edeet Ravel's Pauline dreams of being an author and has discovered the thesaurus along with the dramatic worlds of Madame Bovary, Lucia di Lammermoor and now Siddhartha. In Kit Pearson's new novel, Corrie's family pretend that they are Knights of the Round Table, but Corrie worries when her brother lets the game stray too far from reality.

Suitable for grades 4 to 7  *Study Guide



Mean Streets


John Burns
Brian Doyle

10–11:30 AM
Waterfront Theatre
$12 + $.50 facility surcharge / $6 for student groups

Sometimes teens have to grow up very fast and make their way in worlds that aren't hospitable or even caring. How individual characters cope—by escaping into fantasy worlds or worlds of dishonesty and discontent—makes for great teen reading. Two authors talk about their novels of strength, resilience and endurance and about the difficult choices teens can face.

Suitable for grades 8 to 10  *Study Guide



Penguin Party


Évelyne Daigle

10–11:30 AM
PTC Studio
$12 / $6 for student groups

Renowned biologist Évelyne Daigle spent time on an icebreaker in Antarctica to observe close up the world of penguins. She's brought back amazing facts, such as how penguins desalinate seawater in their beaks, and why penguins and fur seals can live together on land but not in the water. You'll love these fascinating seabirds even more when you hear the real life experiences of this wildlife biologist.

Suitable for grades 4 to 6  *Study Guide



Shout It Out


Linda Bailey
Dennis Lee
Margriet Ruurs

1–2:00 PM
Revue Theatre
$12 + $1.50 facility surcharge / $6 for student groups
This event is sold out.

It's afternoon storytime, and three writers and poets will keep you delighted and entertained with their tales. Linda Bailey, creator of that charming dog Stanley, introduces a team of hockey-loving farm animals. Canadian rhyming favourite Dennis Lee is sure to delight new audiences with well-loved poems from his books, Alligator Pie and Garbage Delight. Margriet Ruurs's backyard tales will capture young imaginations.

Suitable for grades K to 3  *Study Guide


Fleur 11

Nouveaux Endroits, Nouvelles Vies


Faïza Guène
Sylvain Meunier
Animatrice : France Perras
13 h à 14 h 30
Waterfront Theatre
$12 + $ .50 facility surcharge / $6 for student groups

Les livres de Faïza Guène ont trait à la vie des gens aux prises avec deux cultures dans les banlieues de Paris. Le livre de Sylvain Meunier, Lovelie D'Haïti raconte l'histoire d'une fille arrachée à son domicile en Haïti pour vivre avec une famille haïtienne de Montréal, où la bataille culturelle est peut-être le dernier de ses soucis. Les deux auteurs décrivent de façon précise la vie des gens tout en respectant fidèlement le Canada d'aujourd'hui.

Pour les élèves de la 8e à la 12e année  *Guide d'étude

Cet événement se tiendra exclusivement en français. Il y aura beaucoup de possibilités d'interaction entre les élèves et les auteurs.



Zines, Flicks and Tunes (1)


Hal Niedzviecki

1–2:30 PM
PTC Studio
$12 / $6 for student groups
This event is sold out.

Modern media technology—the Internet, video cameras, homemade CDs and more—allows anyone and everyone to create his or her own pop culture today. All it takes is a little know-how, some inspiration and a lot of empowerment. How to use the technology to create your own entertainment and your own art is the specialty of indie-guru Hal Niedzviecki; so bring your how-to questions and your ideas for an afternoon workshop that will inspire with real-life examples produced by kids themselves.

Suitable for grades 8 to 12  *Study Guide

(This event is repeated on Thursday morning.)



Pump It Up 2


*Barbara Adler
*Catherine Kidd
*Morgan Lewis (Morganics)
*Brendan McLeod
Host: Vanessa Richards
1–2:30 PM
Performance Works
$12 + $2 facility surcharge / $6 for student groups - Event added to meet demand.
This event is sold out.

*The programming details of this event have changed since the Festival Program was printed:
We are pleased to announce that this event has been added to festival.

Some of the most dynamic, hip, hard-hitting spoken-word artists working today will show what happens when words get pumped and creativity rides high. A two-time member of the Vancouver Poetry Slam team, Barbara Adler has performed extensively in Canada and the United States. Brendan McLeod has been the Canadian Grand Slam Poetry Champion. Over a 10-year period, Montreal’s spoken-word artist Catherine Kidd has developed a cult following. Morganics is an award-winning Australian hip hop artist who has performed around the world and taught hip hop in jails and isolated Aboriginal communities.

Suitable for grades 10 to 12 and adults  *Study Guide

*This event has been added due to overwhelming demand.



The Weight of History

James George
Nancy Huston
Jen Sookfong Lee
Linda Rogers
Moderator: Kathryn Gretsinger
7:00 PM
Waterfront Theatre
$15 + $.50 facility surcharge

The lives of the characters created by these four novelists are profoundly shaped by world events–from early 20th-century Chinese racism in the new cities of Victoria and Vancouver to the broad-scale disruptions of both World Wars. Amid these turbulent times, however, family secrets determine what gets told, and to whom, and how family history is passed from generation to generation until the truth is finally told. The novels that result are captivating and compelling, especially in the hands of these gifted writers.



An Intimate Evening with Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson

8:00 PM
PTC Studio
This event is sold out.

Come spend an evening with world-renowned author Peter Robinson and his middle-aged, divorced, whiskey-loving character Inspector Banks. His Inspector Banks novels are among the best detective fiction in the world, and their multi-layered stories continue to delight readers not only in Robinson's adopted country of Canada, but also in 20 other countries. Robinson sets all his novels in his beloved native Yorkshire and fills them with social and psychological details that provide insight into both society and individuals. The 17th Inspector Banks novel will be published this fall.

This event is sponsored by Weyerhaeuser.



The Alma Lee Opening Night Event

Grand Openings

Kiran Desai
Will Ferguson
*Lloyd Jones
Claire Keegan
Vincent Lam
Alistair MacLeod
Helen Oyeyemi
Host: Hal Wake
8:30 PM
Performance Works
$20 + $1 facility surcharge
This event is sold out.

*The programming details of this event have changed since the Festival Program was printed:
We regret that Lloyd Jones will not be appearing at this event.

It's opening night at the Writers Festival, and the Festival's Artistic Director Hal Wake introduces seven fine writers. Among them, they have won the Giller Prize, the Booker Prize, the Commonwealth Writers' Prize, the Leacock Medal, the impac Dublin Literary Award—and have been nominated for all the rest. Kiran Desai reads from The Inheritance of Loss, for which she won the Booker Prize. Canada's Will Ferguson has his eye on con artists in Spanish Fly. New Zealand's Lloyd Jones tackles the imaginative power of literature in Mister Pip, set in civil war-torn Papua New Guinea. Claire Keegan brings her unmistakable Irish voice to her second collection of short stories. You'll want to hear short story writer Vincent Lam, who became a household name in Canada after he won the Giller Prize for Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures. No stranger to Vancouver audiences, Alistair MacLeod reads from his short story collection, Island, set in majestic Cape Breton Island. Helen Oyeyemi, who straddles two lives in Nigeria and the UK, reads from her second novel, The Opposite House. These writers will open the Festival in grand style.

This event is sponsored by Random House of Canada Ltd.