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Celebrating Alma Lee  -- presenting a World of Words on Granville Island -- October 18 - 23, 2005  -- includes la joie de lire events in French
18th Annual Vancouver International Writers Festival
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Special Thanks

Steve Chow

Marc Fournier,
Sophia Books

Jocelyn Fraser

Granville Island
Maintenance Crew

Anne Green, WordFest

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Leah Gordon

Richard Hopkins

Aislinn Hunter

Sharman King,
Book Warehouse

Patricia MacLean,
Heaven & Earth Flowers

Members of the BC Branch of the Editors’ Association of Canada:
Lesley Cameron
Elizabeth Godley
Jean Lawrence
Ann-Marie Metten

Playwrights Theatre Centre

Don Prior,
The Caldwell Partners

Nicole Rycroft,
Markets Initiative

Bill Sample

Carole Scipion

Suzanne Scott

Kathryn Shoemaker

Geoffrey Taylor/
International Festival of Authors

Grant Tufts

Bob Turner

Van Dop Arts &
Cultural Guide to BC

Hal Wake

Geoffrey Wong

Anne Yandle