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17th Annual Presenting a World of Words on Granville Island October 19-24 2004 includes La joie de lire events in French
The Vancouver International Writers (and Readers) Festival  a world of words


It’s hard to believe that 17 years have passed since the early days of the Vancouver International Writers & Readers Festival. Many people have kept this Festival going— federal, provincial and municipal governments, corporate sponsors, publishers, individual donors and Festival members. All of these supporters have one thing in common—they not only sustain us financially, they attend events and sit in the audience, extending to us the greatest avenue of support. It is you, the audience, that has helped to make this one of the most respected literary events in the world. Without you the Festival would not be the exciting event that it has become.

Many audience members also make up our amazing and formidable volunteer force and for that I extend my heartfelt gratitude. Our wonderful volunteers make the Festival a smooth and well-run machine. And, believe me, the writers notice all the details that make their lives a pleasure when they participate in the Festival. Our volunteer Board of Directors is a powerhouse that helps keep the Festival on track—I extend thanks to all Board members for the tireless work they do.

I’m proud to be the founder of this cultural event, but even more I am honoured to be able to bring to you some of the world’s most interesting and engaging literary talent. As always, some of the writers in this year’s program will be known to you, others less known or about to become well known! I have tried once more to program events that provide opportunities for you to hear and engage with talented writers from around the world, and trust that you will go away from Festival events this year enlightened, entertained and with some good books to see you through the winter months.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to send feedback and wish lists.

Alma Lee, Artistic Director